a collection

Getting started

1. Register your group online

2. Set a date for your collection

The earlier the better! We have a lot of sorting and packing to do to make sure the food and gifts get distributed before Christmas.

Your collection could be one specific day or a period of a few weeks — just make sure everyone knows when the deadline is.

3. Promote your collection!

  • Put up the posters
  • Hand out the DL cards
  • Play the video
  • Share on social media and remember to use #toysntucker and tag @anglicaresydney

Shopping list


Here are the things we include in a food hamper. Standard sizes (as indicated) are preferred to help fit everything in neatly.

  • Christmas cake
  • Christmas pudding
  • Tinned ham (450g)
  • Tinned salmon (415g)
  • Tea (50pk) or Coffee (100g)
  • Milo (small tin)
  • Packet of biscuits
  • Dried pasta (500g)
  • Pasta sauce
  • Long-life milk, custard or cream
  • Tinned fruit and vegetables (425g)
  • Jam (500g)

Gift ideas

  • Pre-school
    • Age-appropriate games
    • Educational toys
    • Picture books
  • Children
    • Good-quality toys
    • Outdoor games
    • Sporting equipment
  • Teenagers
    • Gift cards/vouchers
    • Sporting equipment
    • Toiletry packs

Sadly we can’t include chocolate as it’s likely to melt.


You can download these resources to help promote your collection.